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Kangaroo Castles – Safety Advice:


Keeping you protected, safe and secure


At Kangaroo Castles, the safety of our customers is our top priority. Serious incidents can, and do, occur when play inflatables are used without due consideration to health and safety guidance.

The following simple precautions can help avoid serious incidents when hiring from Kangaroo Castles.


Before you hire

A reputable bouncy castle hire company will be able to advise you on the following:

HSE-supported inspection schemes for inflatables (PIPA and ADiPs).Requirements to display either a PIPA tag of ADiPs Declaration of Compliance to show compliance with British Standard BS EN 14960.Instructions for safe use of inflatables.

As a responsible business, we would strongly recommend that customers do not hire from any company that is unable to share this information when asked.


Setting up Safely

Kangaroo Castle’s team of skilled technicians ALWAYS carry out the following safety checks before setting up an inflatable:

No inflatable should be used in winds above 24 mph/38 kmphCertain inflatables may have a lower maximum wind speed for operation. We always check the manufacturer’s operating manual to confirm the maximum wind speed for the safe operation of the inflatableWhen the inflatable is being operated outside, we use an anemometer to measure the wind speed.We NEVER use smartphone weather applications to measure wind speed as they do not take localised wind conditions into accountWhen using our inflatables outside, we ALWAYS ensure that all anchor points are used, with metal ground stakes at least 380 mm long and 16 mm wide, with a rounded top. They will have a welded metal 'O' or 'D' ring fitted to the endAll of our inflatables have at least 6 anchor points. We check these before setting up.We ALWAYS check that any ropes used to secure the inflatable are in good condition and not stretched, frayed or rotten. We NEVER use improvised tow ropes, eg bungee cordIf ground stakes cannot be used because of the surface (eg tarmac), we ALWAYS use ballast with anchor points each weighing at least 163 kg and with suitable fixings to attach the guy ropes. Our inflatables are ALWAYS tightly secured to the ground so that the wind cannot get under it and lift it upIf an inflatable is being used indoors, we will refer to the operator’s manual to ensure that sufficient anchorage is used to maintain the shape of the device and prevent overturnWe ALWAYS ensure that all other associated equipment is safe, including the blower


Before first use

Once set up, our technicians will ALWAYS conduct the following safety checks on your hired inflatable:

Ensure that the correct blower is being used (the blower specification, including output, will be given in the operating manual)Check that there are no obvious signs of over-tension or sagging of the structure.Check and correct any anchor points that may have been pulled out during inflationCheck that the connection tube and blower are firmly attached to each otherEnsure impact-absorbing mats are in positionCheck that there are no holes or rips in the fabric or seamsCheck that your inflatable looks symmetrical – if it looks misshapen or deformed there could be internal problems that make bouncing unpredictable.


Our Guarantee to You

If we are not satisfied with all of these checks, the inflatable will not be used and we will make alternative arrangements to ensure that you are satisfied with your hire.


Safe use, supervision and monitoring

Our technicians will always give you a safety briefing and provide you with operating instructions before leaving the castle with you.

Our safety guidance is as follows:

There should be constant supervision by at least one suitably responsible person.
Restrict the number of users on the inflatable at the same time to the limit in the operator manual or on the unit label. Don’t exceed the user height limit and keep bigger users separated from smaller onesMake sure users can get on and off safely, with safety matting at the entrance that is no more than 2 inches deepPeople should not wear shoes or glasses, and should empty their pockets of all sharp or dangerous itemsAnyone obviously intoxicated should not be allowed onDon’t allow users to climb or hang on the wallsRegularly check that anchor points are still secureWhen operating the inflatable outside, use an anemometer to measure wind conditions at regular intervals, and visually check for changes in wind direction (such as looking at how the trees are swaying). Make sure you take readings in the direction of the wind.



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